“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

-David Richo


I am a warm and empathetic individual, committed to providing a safe, inclusive, confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic environment that allows for self-exploration. My approach is authentic, collaborative and supportive. My aim is to increase self-awareness and enable clients to enhance their sense of balance and wellbeing.

When I reflect back over my career, it seems to me, that my whole life path was an unconscious preparation for this role. I became a therapist primarily because I am passionate about self-discovery, exploration and healing. I began working in Social Services in early 2000 within various communities, agencies and organizations to improve the lives of others. I provided casework, management and worked to improve social systems through various types of advocacy. Being able to establish rapport and to stay with great pain both physical, emotional and psychological was crucial in this role. This work led me to deepen my skills and passion in supporting others.

After ten years of working in the social system I stepped back into the role of student. Five years later, I completed my education from Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling Program (OPC). After which I certified as a Group Facilitator through the Toronto Institute of Group Studies (TIGS). These intensive training programs helped me to integrate and embody the theory, experiential learning and leadership skills needed to effectively lead different types of process groups, individuals and couples therapies.

Upon graduating I worked as the Psychotherapist and Consultant as part of the circle of care team in Durham College & UOIT Health and Wellness Clinic, where I provided access and early intervention to students with the ability to talk, reach out and focus on overall mental health and well being to create a better future.

I currently run my own well established private practice downtown Toronto and in Northumberland County. I have also been involved with training new therapists in Psychotherapy and Counselling, as a Teachers’ Assistant at the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling Program where I offered regular seminars, grade papers and weekly assignments. I continue to research and present specialty lectures on the Psychodynamics of Suicide both at OPC and within the larger community.

I am also a board member of the Indigenous Circle for Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association. The Indigenous Circle draws on Indigenous ways of knowing, beliefs about health, and traditional healing, and combine these with therapeutic approaches from mainstream mental health care. This approach, also known as “two-eyed seeing”, can help Indigenous people heal from the impact of colonization, as well as mental health issues that can affect everyone.

My experiences with therapy has fundamentally changed my outlook, behaviour and approach to the field of psychotherapy. I have been deeply moved by the urge within us that pushes us to grow, and develop further. Therapy gives us a sacred space to explore who we are, and that’s to be valued.

I am honoured to share this journey together.




Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.
— Shannon Alder