Individual Therapy

Together we explore the hidden roots of your struggle. Often events and relationships in the earlier parts of our lives have affected us, sometimes in ways that are outside of our awareness. Our work together is to make meaning out of your thoughts, feelings, memories, present events, whatever you are experiencing. Our relationship is central to the therapeutic process, as an instrument for understanding as well as a new relational experience.

My approach is psychodynamic psychotherapy which uncovers the patterns driving our behaviour. Its goal is to understand how behavior and mood are influenced by thoughts and feelings. We do this by increasing awareness and exploring the past.


Couples Therapy

I teach couples strategies to deepen their bonds and heal communication problems. I provide couples with a safe place to explore sensitive issues, arguments, and patterns of relating that impede happiness. I help facilitate a space for each partner to express their thoughts, perspective, and feelings openly. Together we work to create the trust, connection and closeness you want.

As a relationship therapist I affirm the full spectrum of relationships, including same-sex relationships, hetro-sexual relationships, polyamorous relationships, open relationships, multiple marriages, “monogamish” relationships, and monogamous relationships. My biggest goal is to serve all of my clients to create and maintain the relationships that best support and nurture them-whatever form they take.


Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families work on their problems together, and teaches members how to manage conflict and change in healthy ways. I work with each family member to help identify and communicate what they need for meaningful and effective interactions.

Family therapy focuses on strengthening the family as a whole. During a course of family therapy, members can learn strategies to resolve issues causing problems. Each family member learns to take responsibility for their actions and, if needed, alter behavior to improve the family system.

Family systems work focuses on making shifts among family members so that they see themselves, each other, and their roles in more effective manners.

I love working with families and am comfortable including several members in the sessions.


Group Therapy

Group is for individuals who want to understand and improve the quality of the relationships in their lives. We use our interactions with each other to explore interpersonal patterns that interfere with intimacy and connection with others and learn new ways of relating that deepen and strengthen the relationship with oneself and others.

In an environment of safety, trust, honesty and open communication, group members have the opportunity to examine their style of relating to others. We learn to live in full, open, honest relationships, experience emotional and social support and learn from others regarding ways to handle interpersonal challenges.

If you are interested in joining a group feel free to check out the Group Therapy Event Page.