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Join a Time Limited Adolescent Interpersonal Group

Announcing an interpersonal group for adolescents for connection, personal growth and wellness.

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Adolescent Interpersonal Group

Fostering connection, personal growth and wellness.

Adolescence represents an inner emotional upheaval, a struggle between the eternal human wish to cling to the past and the equally powerful wish to get on with the future.
— Louise J. Kaplan


This 8 week program is for teens to aid in the transition from grade 8 to high school. Its small group organization will allow teens to explore topics such as organization, peer dynamics and pressures, stressors as well as self care and resilience.  We will cover the logistics of the transition to high school, the in-school supports that are generally available as well as touch on future planning. Through peer to peer participation we will explore life skills that will allow them to make informed plans and choices about their future. Our aim is to prepare students to become active members of both their larger community but also the school community.  We want to prepare them to live with uncertainty and change while they foster a belief in a promising future.

This group is for individuals who want to understand and improve the quality of the relationships in their lives. We will use our interactions with each other to explore interpersonal patterns that interfere with intimacy and connection with others and learn new ways of relating that deepen and strengthen the relationship with oneself and others. In an environment of safety, trust, honesty and open communication, group members will have the opportunity to examine their style of relating to others. They will learn to live in full, open, honest relationships, experience emotional and social support and learn from others regarding ways to handle interpersonal challenges.

Group Format:

This is a closed group, limited to 8 members and meets once per week for two hours. The group will run for 8 sessions - group members are asked to commit to all sessions to optimize the therapeutic benefits for everyone involved. The format will be divided with equal parts logistic transition information and equal parts experiential interpersonal group psychotherapy.  

In order to ensure that this group will be helpful for you, you will participate in one individual consultation session prior to beginning the group, to assess your needs, discuss how to get most out of the group, clarify group expectations and identify your personal goals. This is also an opportunity to address any questions you may have about the group.

About the Leaders:


Amber Sager -

Registered Psychotherapist,

Group Facilitator

Amber currently works in a well established private practice in Toronto as well as Northumberland County as a Psychodynamic therapist for individuals, couples and groups.

Former psychotherapist at Durham College and UOIT Health and Wellness Centre and graduate of OPC, Amber continues to explore the importance of mental health services in post-secondary education.


Jessica Francis -

Education Consultant,

Group Facilitator

Jessica has worked in the education field for 19 years as a secondary teacher, student success lead, guidance counsellor and acting vice-principal within the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. She is currently working in secondary school as a Department Head of Guidance and Career Education.

Jessica has spent the majority of her career working and providing guidance to vulnerable and at-risk youth in her many capacities within the education system.

Time: Tuesdays 7:00pm – 9:00pm


  1. Tuesday, June 11th

  2. Tuesday, June 18th

  3. Tuesday, June 25th

  4. Tuesday, July 2nd

  5. Tuesday, July 9th

  6. Tuesday, July 16th

  7. Tuesday, July 23rd

  8. Tuesday, July 30th


$45 per session, $360 total (includes HST) for all 8 sessions payable before the first session

$25 per individual assessment and group preparation session

 To register contact:

Jessica Francis, Education Consultant / Group Facilitator

Phone: (613) 847-3311


Amber Sager, Registered Psychotherapist / Group Facilitator

Phone: (647) 939-6006





The Mews

Unit 5, 27 Main St.,

Warkworth, ON

K0K 3K0